Small Effort for a Good Change.

Turning Surplus into Smiles.

Dakshika Foundation is a non-profit organization established in the year 2022. 

Dakshika Foundation

We are Dakshika Foundation, a beacon of hope and kindness. With a heart full of compassion and an unwavering commitment to helping those in need, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged families. Through our innovative platform, we transform surplus into support, connecting generous donors with deserving individuals to create a brighter future for all. Join us in our mission to uplift communities, one act of giving at a time.

Journey through Our Impact

we believe in the power of visuals to tell stories, convey emotions, and capture moments. Our image gallery is a window into our world, showcasing our journey, projects, and the essence of what we stand for.

What We Do?

We are Dakshika Foundation

We Help Needy People

our mission is simple yet profound: We help needy people. With every action we take, with every donation we receive, we are driven by the singular purpose of making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we create brighter tomorrows for those facing adversity. Join us in our journey of compassion and change.

We are Dakshika Foundation

We Provide Care

we go beyond charity; we provide care. Our mission is to extend a helping hand, a warm embrace, and unwavering support to those in need. We believe that every individual deserves compassion and dignity, and that’s why we are committed to offering care that makes a difference. Join us as we nurture hope, one act of compassion at a time.

We are Dakshika Foundation

We Educate Children

we are more than just a charity; we are educators of hope. Our mission revolves around nurturing young minds and empowering children with the gift of education. We believe that knowledge is the key to a brighter future, and we’re dedicated to providing underprivileged children the opportunity to learn, grow, and dream. 

Kindness is the spark that ignites the flames of change in the world. Be the matchstick of compassion.


Akash Sharma





Chief secretary


Technical Advisor.



Vikash Sharma

Technical Advisor


Managing Secretary

Manoj Pal


Ravi Kumar


Raj kumar Pathak


Hemant Pathak


Love Dubey

Chief Executive

Child health and education

Child health and education are the cornerstones of a thriving society. When we invest in the well-being and knowledge of our children, we are sowing the seeds of a brighter future for all.

Women empowerment

Empowering women isn't just about equal rights; it's about harnessing the boundless potential within them to shape a better world for us all.

Community Development

Community development is the art of uniting hearts, minds, and hands to build a stronger, more vibrant future together.

Helping Unpriviliged

Helping the underprivileged is not just an act of kindness; it's a powerful force that bridges the gap between privilege and equality, lighting the way to a more compassionate society.

Poverty Alleviation

Poverty alleviation is the path to rewriting the story of inequality, one chapter of hope and opportunity at a time.

Improving Livelihood

Improving livelihoods is our compass to navigate from struggle to success, turning dreams into realities along the way.

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Dakshika Foundation

We are Dakshika Foundation, a beacon of hope and kindness.

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